.999 Casino Gaming Token Strikes

These Limited Edition $10 Casino Gaming Tokens were originally won from slot machines. They are also known as Silver Strikes. These $10 Silver Strikes - .999 Fine Silver Center Gaming Tokens are not longer being issued. 

They represent a perfect combination of a silver item with collector's value as well as fine piece of investment grade silver. 

We sell these for very close to spot, and as they are essentially a form of fractional silver, they are unique blend as an investment choice with high liquidity due to and have novelty and collector's value added for free. 

 Each of these contain .6 troy ounces of .999 Fine Silver and will come in its own plastic protective case in almost uncirculated condition or better. We currently are the only dealer on the internet selling these for such a great price. Pick up yours today. They are a great addition to any growing stack.

We have over 100 different kinds of these silver strikes from different casinos. If you are looking for a specific one or from a specific casino email us at support@silver2me.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The definition of a silver strike token is a original fine silver token won from slot machines incased in protective plastic. Most are issued in the casinos throughout the United States, Canada, and various cruise ships. The first appeared in the Reno/Tahoe area of Nevada around 1992, with redeemable values eventually including $2
$2, $3, $5, $7, $10, $12, $20, $28, $40, $200. They make a great collectors item as they are both a silver investment and a collectible. Often times you can buy these for UNDER spot in terms of physical silver value, and then you can take them to a refinery and melt them down.

The common $10 ones are either 0.6 or 0.5 troy ounces of silver in the middle, surrounded by brass.

More details on each type of strike:

The $2 and $3 strikes are made of Brass only, and do not contain silver.
$7 strikes are .999 Silver with approximate weight of 0.65 troy ounces. Note that the $7 strikes are actually worth more than the $10 ones in term of actual silver content.
The $10 silver strikes have a 99.9% fine silver center surrounded by brass with a silver weight of 0.60 troy ounces. Ever since 2005, there have been ones being produced with 0.50 troy ounces. Be careful when buying to make sure you know which one you are buying, the 0.60 troy ounce or the 0.50 troy ounce. Since 2009, silver CLAD meaning no real silver content silver strikes are being produced so you must be very careful as these are going on Ebay for as much as regular strikes, fooling many people who think they are actual silver but they are just silver CLAD.

The $20 silver strikes have 24kt heavy electroplating and have a silver center weighing 0.75 troy ounces. These make even better collectibles with the 24kt plating.

The $40 strikes are actually 1.54 troy ounces of silver in the middle, also 24k heavy electroplated. The smaller $40 silver strikes contain 1.26 troy ounces.

There are even $200 and $300 silver strikes with even larger silver content. It is funny to think that even casinos used to have silver in the tokens to be redeemable, now it is all plastic. I bet Casinos are stocking up on gold and silver as they understand how fiat currency works very well with their own plastic chips.